About Us

St. Andrew Elementary School opened in 1960. At present, the school serves 150 kindergarten to grade 6 students. St. Andrew Elementary serves the communities of Glamorgan, Richmond Hill, Signal Hill, and designated areas of Glenbrook & Rutland Park. The majority of our grade six students will go on to St. Gregory Junior High School.

Our Philosophy

We, the Community of St. Andrew School of the Calgary Roman Catholic School District No. 1, adopt as our philosophy the commitment reflected in the District’s Mission Statement to live and learn in our Catholic faith.

As a small school, St. Andrew emphasizes a “family” culture where each individual grows by helping others to grow. As a member of the “family,” the individual makes an important contribution and knows that all concerns, opinions and perceptions are taken seriously. In return, each person can count on the “family” for support and cooperation, which contribute to a heightened sense of self-esteem.

We, as a school community, are committed to fostering the growth of each individual in our care: WE SEEK THE BEST IN EVERYONE !

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